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Even though the passing of the UIGEA did not stop Americans from placing real-money bets at foreign online casinos, it did lead to a drastic decline in the number and variety of online casinos accepting new US players. But despite the constant changes in online gambling laws in the United States of America, there are still plenty of online casinos that accept US players.

There are however casinos that exclude players from certain states. Find out more by browsing our all casinos listing review page. Better yet, read through the casino's terms and conditions to see if the state you are in is accepted by the casino in question. The primary purpose of the UIGEA was to prevent online gambling in the US, by limiting financial transaction to offshore online casinos. Due to this limitation it is even more important for US player to check the types of payment methods offered by the casino before playing. A good way to find out about us-friendly payment services would be to contact the casino's customer service. They deal with these kind of problems all the time and will be happy to assist you. They can tell you if the state you are in is us-casino-friendly, and also the types of payment methods that are accepted and available for you. Simply contact them either via e-mail, live chat or even telephone support.


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